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The Southern Alberta Truck Exposition Association

Established in 2015, by local businesses, transportation carriers, and individuals, who wanted to make a difference in the trucking industry. Everything that we know, is touched by the transportation industry in one way or another, and our Association would like to work together with the general public and all involved with it, to ensure that the future of the industry remains strong. Working with the public, local businesses and organizations, we strive to: 

*Work towards getting the transportation industry recognized as a federal trade.

      *FederalTrade recognition puts all carriers, large and small, on equal levels to be able to hire fully trained drivers across Canada, and lowering company insurance premiums. 

      *Companies will benefit from having fully trained drivers by having less downtime due to poorly maintained equipment, fewer roadway collisions, thus leading to safer roadways for everyone.

      *Allows for better worker equality with pay, hours worked, and worker recognition with job opportunities, and advancement, leading to decreased employee turn around, employee job dissatisfaction and burnout.  

Many occupations are Red Seal trade recognized.  The transportation industry should not be any different.  The transportation industry has been recognized as an essential service, by our governments, and yet it is the least trained industry, for the amount of responsibility and the level of safety required to perform the job.  We need to change how our commercial drivers are trained.  We need to make our roads safer, and the industry stronger.  This will not only benefit those within the industry, but everyone who relies on it for their basic needs.    

*Encourage individuals to consider a career in all areas of the trucking industry, and the supporting industries.

*Educate the general public on commercial vehicle safety.

*Promote interest & a good relationship between the general public, the trucking industry, & the drivers, and

*Raise awareness of the driver shortage & what that means to us all.

The trucking industry touches every aspect of our lives, and without it, and all the supporting individuals, companies, and organizations that help keep the trucks moving, all the necessities we take for granted would disappear.

So help support an industry that supports you and your families.

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